Theories and Practice: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on English and American Studies

September 7–8, 2010
Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic

Edited by Roman Trušník, Katarína Nemčoková, and Gregory Jason Bell.

Zlín: Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně, 2011. ISBN 978-80-7454-089-9 (print), 978-80-7454-090-5 (CD).

Book Series: Zlín Proceedings in Humanities, volume 2.

The complete electronic version can be downloaded here. The printed and electronic versions of the proceedings are identical.

Editors’ Note [text]
Roman Trušník, Katarína Nemčoková, Gregory Jason Bell


English as a North Germanic Language: From the Norman Conquest to the Present [text]
Joseph Emonds

How to Read and Write: On the Importance of the Gothic Language for English Studies [text]
Miroslav Černý

Collocations in English and Czech from a Historical Perspective [text]
Lenka Drábková

Comparison of English Present Perfect and German Perfekt [text]
Dagmar Machová

Classification of the Verb dare in Modern English [text]
Ludmila Veselovská

Subject-operator Inversion in Sentences with Fronted only [text]
Michaela Martinková

Source Oriented Pathways in English Prepositions [text]
Kazuyuki Yamaguchi

Exploring Aspects of Humour and Irony in Literary Discourse: A Pragmatic Stylistic Approach [text]
Gabriela Miššíková

The Conceptual Metaphor Underlying Literary Characterisation [text]
Zoltán Töltéssy

A Linguistic Analysis of Political Discourse: Justification of the Iraq War [text]
Marek Hampl

Storytelling as a Discourse Strategy in Printed Advertising [text]
Katarína Nemčoková

Complexity of Expression in Students’ On-line Chat Contributions [text]
Šárka Ježková

Teaching Translation Theory: The Challenges of Theory Framing [text]
Renata Kamenická

The Pedagogical Potential of Translation in Teaching English [text]
Martin Němec

ELF, Lingua Franca Core and Identity Issues [text]
Kateřina Nečasová

Literature and Cultural Studies

Poetry as a Source for Survival [text]
Josef Jařab

De-familiarising England, Familiarising China: Clash of Cultures in Oliver Goldsmith’s The Citizen of the World [text]
Stankomir Nicieja

The Hill and the Hollow: Class Contrast in Katherine Mansfield’s “The Garden Party” [text]
Dagmar Blight

Indulgent Audience: Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Forced Entertainment’s Spectacular in Postdramatic Theory [text]
Jan Suk

The Manacles of Freedom: Theories, Practice and Individuality of Freedom in Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville [text]
Ivan Lacko

Battlefield Realism in U.S. Civil War Novels [text]
Jozef Pecina

“Killing the Angel in the House” or Leaving Her Behind? Feminist Literary Theory and Women’s Immigrant Fiction [text]
Věra Eliášová

From “Youth and Beauty” to “Age and Decrepitude”: Age, Ageing, and Ageism in American Gay Fiction [text]
Roman Trušník

“The United Snakes of America” – Mutabaruka’s Dub Poetic Anti-Imperialism: Postcolonial Theory and Dub Poetic Practice [text]
Bartosz Wójcik

The Role of Language in Postcolonial Theory [text]
Ryszard W. Wolny

Stereotypes, Spectacles, and Self-Defense: A Case Study of African American Women in U.S. Media [text]
Simone Puff

Wicca in the USA: How a British-born Religion Became Americanized [text]
Kamila Velkoborská

The Failure of the Allied Naval Dardanelles Campaign Explained [text]
Gregory Jason Bell