Theories and Practices: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Anglophone Studies

September 7–8, 2011
Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic

Edited by Roman Trušník, Katarína Nemčoková, and Gregory Jason Bell.

Zlín: Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně, 2012. ISBN 978-80-7454-191-9.

Book Series: Zlín Proceedings in Humanities, volume 3.

The complete electronic version can be downloaded here. The printed and electronic versions of the proceedings are identical.

Editors’ Note [text]
Roman Trušník, Katarína Nemčoková, Gregory Jason Bell


English Indirect Passives: Strong Evidence for a Sharply Bifurcated Lexicon [text]
Joseph Emonds

The Status of the English Particle not and the Negative Adverb never [text]
Ludmila Veselovská

On the Principled Connections between the Semantic Structure of Verbs of Locomotion in English and Their Syntactic Behaviour [text]
Naděžda Kudrnáčová

Default Case in Coordinate Constructions [text]
Ela Krejčová

The End-Weight and End-Focus Principles in Rhematic Subjects [text]
Vladislav Smolka

On the Historical Development of English and German Modal Verbs [text]
Dagmar Machová

Dialect Mixing as a Language Contact in the History of English [text]
Junichi Toyota

Slovak Tongue, Canadian Mind: Discourse Analysis of Canadian-English Interference among Slovak Immigrants in Canada [text]
Jana Javorčíková

Language Change and Variation in Present-Day Malaysia [text]
Miroslav Černý

Information and Interpretation in Media Discourse [text]
Ludmila Urbanová

Direct Forms of Presentation: Embedded Reported Discourse in British Newspaper Reports [text]
Zuzana Urbanová

Intertextuality as a Discourse Strategy: Mass Culture in Printed Ads [text]
Katarína Nemčoková

Political Discourse and its Features in Barack Obama’s 2011 Speech to the British Parliament [text]
Lenka Drábková

Pragmatic Functions of Speaker-Oriented Boosters in Political Interviews [text]
Jana Kozubíková Šandová

Keeping Your Own, Gaining Common Ground: Strict Father and Nurturant Parent Models in David Cameron’s Speeches on Social Services [text]
Małgorzata Paprota

The Notion of Native Speaker and Its Relevance for English as an International Language [text]
Kateřina Nečasová

Relationships and Identities in Conference Presentations: Czech Speakers Presenting in English [text]
Gabriela Zapletalová

Academic Papers in English and the Distribution of Sentence Adverbials by Native vs. Non-native Writers [text]
Radek Vogel

Syntactic Deviations and Mistakes in Learners’ Spoken English Language [text]
Šárka Ježková

Literature and Cultural Studies

James Fenimore Cooper and the Beginnings of Espionage Fiction [text]
Jozef Pecina

The Power of Theory: David Mamet’s Oleanna [text]
Ivan Lacko

Autumn and Garden in the Poetry of Stanley Kunitz [text]
Jiří Flajšar

Young Adult Literature as a Tool for Survival: Alex Sanchez’s Rainbow Boys Series [text]
Roman Trušník

Narrating as a Child, Reading as an Adult: Ways of Employing a Child Narrator in the American Novel [text]
Šárka Bubíková

From Superman to Maus: Jews in American Comics [text]
Michaela Weiss

The British Influence on the Development of Florida, 1763–1783 [text]
Gregory Jason Bell

A Joy in Fear: The Passion for Fear in Joanna Baillie’s Plays Orra and The Dream [text]
Eva Čoupková

Iain Banks’s Use of the Gothic [text]
Vojtěch Novák

Diaspora in the Poetry of Fleur Adcock [text]
Pavlína Flajšarová

Canadian Grim: Life Cycle in Alistair MacLeod’s “As Birds Bring Forth the Sun” [text]
Vladimíra Fonfárová

“I Am a Natural Dancer”: The Leitmotif of Dance in Jean Binta Breeze’s Afro-Jamaican Poetry [text]
Bartosz Wójcik