From Theory to Practice 2013: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Anglophone Studies

September 5–6, 2013
Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic

Edited by Roman Trušník, Gregory Jason Bell, and Katarína Nemčoková.
Zlín: Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně, 2015.
ISBN 978-80-7454-450-7

Book Series: Zlín Proceedings in Humanities, volume 5.
Series Editor: Roman Trušník
ISSN 1805-9899

The complete electronic version can be downloaded here. The printed and electronic versions of the proceedings are identical.

Editors’ Note [text]
Roman Trušník, Gregory Jason Bell, Katarína Nemčoková


Gerunds vs. Infinitives in English: Not Meaning but Form [text]
Joseph E. Emonds

Adjective Hierarchy: Comparing the Order of Adjectives in the Prenominal Field in English and Czech [text]
Ludmila Veselovská

(De)verbal Modifiers in Attribute + Noun Collocations and Compounds: Verbs, Deverbal Nouns or Suffixed Adjectives? [text]
Radek Vogel

Modal Verbs from a Crosslinguistic Perspective [text]
Dagmar Machová

On Possibility Meanings of Could in Written English [text]
Petra Huschová

Recent Syntactic Research on Event and Result Nominals in English and Czech [text]
Kateřina Havranová

Changing Clause Types in Written English [text]
Marcela Malá

The Highlighting Syntactic Structures in English and Their Translation into Czech in Collected Samples of Literary Texts [text]
Jana Richterová

The “Wrong Direction”? Translating into English as a Foreign Language in Slovakia [text]
Roman Ličko

Self-marketing in British Online Personal Advertisements [text]
Dita Trčková

Voices in the Headlines: A Critical Discourse Analysis of British Web-news Headlines [text]
Barbora Blažková

Inclusion and Role Allocation in the Representation of the Social Actors of the Welfare State in Conservative British Press (2008–2012) [text]
Małgorzata Paprota

Literature and Cultural Studies

Anglo-American Historians and Czechoslovakia, 1918–1989 [text]
Thomas Lorman

Ye Mystic Krewe of Historical Revisionists: The Origins of Tampa’s Gasparilla Parade [text]
Gregory Jason Bell

A Star-Shaped Crossroad: From (Counterfactual) Historiography to Historiographic Metafiction [text]
Vladimíra Fonfárová

Antebellum Urban America and Sensational Novels [text]
Jozef Pecina

Suburban Humor in the Poetry of Billy Collins [text]
Jiří Flajšar

How Visual Poetry Can Get: Visual and Textual Aspects in the Poetry of Grace Nichols [text]
Pavlína Flajšarová

To Look High, Low, and Beyond: Shifting the Textual Terrain of Black Feminist Literary Criticism [text]
Karla Kovalová

Multivocality, Identity and Tradition in Michael Dorris’s A Yellow Raft in Blue Water [text]
Šárka Bubíková

Freedom Stuck in the Throat: Yussef El Guindi’s Back of the Throat through the Prisms of an Individual Conflict and a Polarized Society [text]
Ivan Lacko

Destabilizing Ethnic Stereotypes in American Mainstream TV: Latino/a Representations in Ugly Betty [text]
Małgorzata Martynuska

Beauty Is the Beast: Narcissism, Identity and the Ethics of Violence in Invisible Monsters [text]
Zuzana Starovecká

Becoming Whole Again: Deconstructing Gender Dualities in Emma Tennant’s The Bad Sister [text]
Markéta Gregorová

Prison as a Queer Space in Sarah Waters’s Affinity [text]
Michaela Weiss

Michael Cunningham in the Czech Republic [text]
Roman Trušník