From Theory to Practice 2016: The Eighth International Conference on Anglophone Studies

September 8–9, 2016
Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic

Edited by Katarína Nemčoková and Gregory Jason Bell.
Zlín: Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně, 2018.
ISBN 978-80-7454-756-0

Book Series: Zlín Proceedings in Humanities, volume 8.
Series Editor: Katarína Nemčoková
ISSN 1805-9899

The complete electronic version can be downloaded here. The printed and electronic versions of the proceedings are identical.

Editors’ Note [text]
Katarína Nemčoková and Gregory Jason Bell



English Saxon Genitive: Phrasal-Level Morphology Is Not a Case [text]
Ludmila Veselovská

A Comparison of Adjectives of the Type -able/-telný in English and Czech [text]
Petra Charvátová

Fronting of the GOOSE Vowel in Czech Learners’ English [text]
Šárka Šimáčková

Foreign Language Anxiety Coping Strategies [text]
Zdena Kráľová

English Collocations: Past and Present [text]
Lenka Drábková

Perception Verbs as Figurative Devices in Science Writing: Specialized vs. Popular Text Types [text]
Christoph Haase

The Themes of Strangeness and Familiarity in British and Slovak Tourist Texts: A Study of Evaluative Adjectives [text]
Danica Maleková

Natural Kind Terms and Folk Taxonomies [text]
Radek Vogel

Literature and Cultural Studies

John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester: A Philosopher in the Shadow of a Libertine [text]
Tetyana Varvanina

Caribbean Don Speaking: Poetry of Diaspora by John Agard [text]
Pavlína Flajšarová

Caught Looking: The Poetics of the Suburban Gaze in American Driving Poems [text]
Jiří Flajšar

Tartan Noir: Mapping the Genre’s Characteristics from McIlvanney to Rankin and MacBride [text]
Markéta Gregorová

Unpredictable: Crime Fiction in Louis Owens’s Dark River [text]
Hana Sobotková

Stereotypes, Minorities and Fear the Walking Dead: A Power Analysis [text]
Veronika Briatková

Humor and the Jewish Holocaust Trauma in Shalom Auslander’s Hope: A Tragedy [text]
Michaela Weiss

The Racial Status of America’s Czech Immigrants, 1900‒1943 [text]
Mark A. Brandon

Shaped by the Housing Crisis: Britain’s Generation Rent [text]
Alice Tihelková